Automation & Electronics USA international system integrators, supplying millwide software, optimization and control solutions
International System Integrators



Eacom Lumber, Timmins, Ontario Canada – Continuous Dry kiln Controls & SCADA

SCION Rotorua, NZ - SCADA & PLC Controls Pilot Pulp Plant

Waitete Sawmill Ltd,Te Kuiti NZ – 3D Log Carriage Scanner & Setworks, Edger, Horizontal & Resaw Setworks Control

Slave Lake Lumber, Vanderwell, Canada – 3D log scanner

Mt Pokaka Timber Products Ltd, Northland, NZ  – Debarker /Kiln & Boiler controls

Tenon Taupo Sawmill, NZ – 3D Carriage Scanner, Edger, Mid Oregon Ripsaw Binsorter & Kiln Controls

Juken NZ, Masterton NZ – Veneer Dryer & Waste Water Treatment controls & SCADA

Juken NZ, Gisborne NZ – Veneer Dryer, Log steaming chambers, Glue Kitch & Shrt Gang Ripper controls

Bee Forest Products NZ – WI USA  - 3D Log Carriage Scanning & Controls

North Florida Lumber Co NZ – Continuous Dry Kiln

Krueger Lumber Co, WI USA  – Edger Optimiser & Controls

Wheeland Lumber Co, PA USA – Edger Optimiser & Controls

Turnbull Lumber Co,Tally, Trimline with TS Manufacturing Co

Winstone Pulp International Tangiwai Sawmill NZ – Small log line Scanner & Controls, Edger & Trimline, Kilns & Heat plant Controls

& SCADA 3D Log haul Scanner

Sequal Lumber Co Ltd, Kawerau, NZ – Windsor Kilns & SCADA controls

ITI Conception, Chile – SCADA & Kiln Controls

Rosvall Sawmill, Whangarei NZ – Carriage 3D Scanner, Carriage, Edger, Resaw & Binsorter controls

Rosvall Sawmill, Whangarei NZ – Stacker, Kiln, Boiler and Planner Mill Tally controls

Boral Timber – Herons Creek, Australia – Optimised Edger, BinSorter with A E Gibson & Sons Ltd

Claymark NZ Ltd, RSL Sawmill Rotorua  NZ – Twin Resaw Setworks Upgrade

Claymark NZ Ltd – SCADA and Kiln Controls, Katikati & Thames

Jordan Lumber Co USA – Windsor Continuous Dry Kiln Controls & SCADA

Hyne & Sons, Tumbarumba, Australia – Windsor Kiln & SCADA Controls

Algoma Lumber Co WI, USA – Crosby Optimised Board Edger

Emporium Hardwoods PA USA – Hardwood Tally system with TS Manufacturing Co

Independence Lumber Co NC, USA -  Tally, Sorter with TS Manufacturing Co

Gilkey Lumber Co NC, USA – Trimmer line and Binsorter controls & SCADA with TS Manufacturing

Taranakipine, New Plymouth NZ – Carriage, Edger, Resaw Setworks Controls, Kiln Controls & SCADA

Sorrels Lumber Co AR, USA – 3D Optimised Carriage Scanner & Controls

Penrose Pine – NSW Austraila –  A E Gibson & Sons, Optimised 3D Edger

Millville, Marryland USA – Setworks controls on TS Man Edger

Rockhill Lumber Co, VA USA –  Edger Setworks controls

Southern Cross Forest Products Ltd, Stillwater – Windsor Kiln & SCADA controls

South Australia Pine Pty Ltd, Adelaide Australia – Quadband Scanning & Controls, Optimized 3D Edger

South Australia Pine Pty Ltd, Monarto Australia – Binsorter Stacker controls & SCADA

PNG Forests, PNG – AE Gibson Carriage controls

Weyerhaeuser USA – KDS Windsor Continuous Dry Kilns:

*Bruce, MS USA * Drayton Valley, AL Canada * Holden, LA USA * Millport, AL USA * Philadelphia, MS USA * Plymouth, NC USA

 KDS Windsor Continuous Dry Kilns:

* Craigpine, Winton NZ * Kiwilumber, Masterton NZ * Nelson Forest Products, Kaituna, NZ * Westerveldt, AL USA * Rex Lumber: Brookhaven, MS USA

West Frazer  USA – KDS Windsor Continuous Dry Kilns:

* Chetwynd, BC Canada * Joyce, LA USA * Mansfield, AL USA * Opelika, AL USA * Seaboard, NC USA * Smithers, BC Canada

Mc Alpines, Rotorua NZ – Wood Waste Boiler Controls & SCADA

Boral Timber, Koolkahn – Edger & Bin Sorter Controls & SCADA

Southpine, Nelson NZ – Wood Waste Boiler Controls & SCADA

Max Birt Sawmills, Pokeno NZ – Log Carriage Setworks Controls

R H Tregoweth Ltd, Te Kuiti – 3D Log Carriage Scanner & Setworks, Edger & Resaw Controls

Toi Ohomai, Rotorua NZ – Log Carriage, Edger & Resaw Setworks controls

Berkshire Hardwoods, USA – Log Carriage controls & Scanner

Pacific Pine Industries Ltd, Putaruru, NZ – Log Carriage, Edger & Resaw Setworks

Westco Lagan, Hokitika NZ – Log Carriage Setworks

Tropikwood Fiji – Kiln controls & SCADA

Taylor Lime, Dunedin, NZ – Lime Kiln controls

Australian Solar Timbers, Kempsey Australia – End Dogging Twin Resaw and Multisaw Edger Controls

Permapine, Brisbane, Australia – Scanning & Controls Poleyard Merchandiser Plant

Wesbeam, Perth, Australia – Log Revenue Scanner & Controls

Northpine, Waipu, NZ – Sawmill Tally System

Kiwi Lumber Co, Putaruru & Danevirke Sites NZ - Sawmill Tally System

Kiwi Lumber Co NZ – Windsor Kiln SCADA & PLC contols, multi sites

Panpac Forest Products, Napier NZ – Tray Sorter Controls & MCCs

Papakurua Timber processors – Kiln controls & SCADA

Panpac Forest Products, Milburn, NZ – Sawmill PLC controls, MCCs interfaced to Autolog Optimisation

PNG Balsa – Sawmill PLC controls & Scanning with A E Gibson & Son machinery

Pinepac Group, Auckland – Binsorter Controls & SCADA, Boiler Controls

Napier Kilns, Napier NZ – Kiln & SCADA controls

Auswest, Pemberton & Dean Mills, WA  - Carriage & Edger Setworks controls

Arauco, Horcones & Naicimento Sites, Chile – Winsdor Kilns & SCADA Contols

Craigpine, Winton, - Boiler & Kiln Controls

CHH Woodproducts Ltd – Kawerau, Mt Gambier, Kinlieth, Tumut, Caboolture, Myrtleford, Eves Valley,

Kopu Rainbow Mountain, Windsor Kiln Controls & SCADA multi sites

Cloudy Bay Sawmill, PNG – Linebar Carriage, Edger & Resaw controls for A E Gibson & Sons Pty Ltd

CHH Woodproducts Ltd, Kawerau NZ – Resaw Setworks for Oliver & Haua  Engineering

CHH Woodproducts Ltd, Kopu NZ – Shurman Edger, Resaw & Horizontal Bandsaw Setworks

CHH Woodproducts LVL Whangarei NZ – Loghaul and Scanner controls

Boral, Ipswitch, Australia – Log yard Scanner

Prime Sawmill, Gisborne NZ – Boiler & Kiln controls with SCADA

Boral Kyogle, Australia – Stacker Controls

Mininco Asseraeros, Chile – Windsor Kiln & SCADA Contorls

Waverley Sawmill NZ – Carriage Setworks, Kiln Controls

Stuart Timber, Tapanui – Linebar Carriage Setworks Controls

Lumbercorp, Ohinewai NZ – Windsor kiln controls & SCADA

Mitchel Bros, Darfield NZ – Carriage Scanner & Setworks with Southern Cross Eng

Millstream Lumber Co, Milton NZ – Binsorter controls & SCADA

Boral, Nowra, Australia – A E Gibson & Sons Carriage Controls

Boral,Oberon, Australia – Windsor Kilns SCADA & Controls

Waitete Sawmill, Te Kuiti NZ – Automated Debarker

Claymark NZ, Katikati - VK110 Debarker controls

W Crighton & Sons, Levin NZ – Linebar Carriage Setworks

Fielding Lumber Co, Fielding NZ – Setworks Linear Carriage Controls

Davis & Herbert, Australia – A E Gibson Linebar Carriage controls

Finsaw BOP – Hewsaw controls /board sorter /stacker

Central Otago Lumber Co – Small log line controls

Frenchpine, Tasmania – Windsor Kiln controls & SCADA

Les Oleary Ltd, Tokoroa NZ  – Kiln and Pole Tester Controls

Findlater Sawmill, Winton NZ – Kiln Controls

Mamuku Sawmill, Ngongataha Rotorua NZ – Windsor Kilns plus Boiler controls

Tasman Forestry Ltd, Mt Maunganui NZ – Port Debarker Controls

CHH Woodproducts, Tokoroa Sawmill – Applied Theory Edger controls upgrade, Gang Edger controls

CHH Woodproducts, Kumeu Sawmill – Resaw Setworks controls

Hunter Hills, Waimate NZ – 3D Carriage, Edger, Resaw & Kiln Controls

Tachikawa Forest Products Ltd, Rotorua – No1, No2 mills Twin Resaw Headrig controls and scanning upgrades

East Steel Boiler & Windsor Kiln Controls & SCADA

McCormack Demby Sawmill, Vic, Australia – Edgverview integration into main plant

Pederson Sawmill, Taupo – Primary Breakdown X/Y Scanner

Golden Hope, Malaysia –  MDF plant, Twin Debarker controls

NDG Pine, Wanganui,NZ – Edger Setworks & Boiler Controls

Pinex, Marton NZ – Log Carriage & Edger Setworks controls

Tasman Lumber Co – Rainbow Mountain Sawmill – CAE Resaw Setworks

Cable Hardwoods, Potersville, PA USA - Carriage & Scanner upgrade

R E Lowell Lumber Inc, Buckfield ME USA, - Silvatech Controls & Carriage upgrade

South East Pine,Mt Gambier South Australia - A&E Logview 3D Optimsation Software

Max Birt Sawmill, Pokeno NZ - Electronic & Software Upgrade of horizontal & band saw

INDUSTRIES SERVED: Solid Wood Processing - Batch Processing - Flour Milling - Material Handling - Boiler Controls - Concrete Industry

ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT: Moisture Meters - Industrial Lasers - Joy Sticks - Laser Scanners - Hydraulic Actuators - CCTV - Metal Detectors

TIMBER INDUSTRY: Edger Systems - Setworks - Bin Sorter - Kiln Control - Scanning & Optimisation Solutions - Tally System -

Saw Deviation Monitoring - Carriage Winch Control - Mill Management Systems



ATLANTA WOOD EXPO - Forest Products Machinery & Equipment Expo Atlanta, USA

JUNE 26th - 28th 2019

NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association) Convention & Exhibition New Orleans, USA

OCTOBER 2nd - 4th 2019

WOODTECH Rotorua New Zealand - 11th-12th September

WOODTECH Melbourne Australia - 17th-18th September