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Pin Style Wood Moisture Meters For The Wood Industry.

Pin style wood moisture metres for the wood industry

All Delmhorst meters include these outstanding features:

Rugged carrying case

Battery and extra contact pins

Temperature stable circuit

Calibration not affected by ambient temperature

Built-in battery and calibration checks

Gives you confidence in performance and primary calibration

Delmhorst Model J-Lite

Micro controller circuit for increased reliability and accuracy

12 bright LEDs - great for reading in direct sun light or dark areas.

Gives the most precise readings of any LED meter available today.

Moisture content range from 6% - 30%

Connector for an external electrode

Three-year warranty

Delmhorst Model J-4

Popular analog readout

Moisture content range from 6% to 30%

Connector for an external electrode

One-year warranty

Delmhorst Model J-2000

Micro controller circuit corrects for 48 individual species, and for temperature

Also averages up to 100 accumulated readings

Measures moisture range of 6% to 40%

External port connection for #26-ES electrode

Delmhorst Model 26-ES

The industry standard for lumber and woodworking, this electrode allows you to determine moisture gradients. The contact pins that come with the 26-ES have insulated shanks so that only the tips are exposed. The pins make contact with the wood fiber only at their uncoated tip and provide much more accurate readings of moisture content at various levels of penetration. Knowing that the board is not uniform, you can use the pins to determine the drying pattern.

Comes with #496 insulated contact pins for 1 1/8" penetration.

Delmhorst RDM3


6-60% MC range depending on species/temperature

Built in wood species corrections for 71 species of wood

Built in temperature compensation over the range of 0° to 255° F (-18° to 124°C)

Integral contact pins mounted on top of meter provide 5/16" penetration

Connector for external electrode

On-screen reading recall of up to 1400 stored readings

Date and time stamp for each stored reading

Job groupings

Optional infrared linking capability w/ application software

0.1% MC resolution

Operating Temperature -4°to158°F (-20° to 70°C)

9V battery

1-year warranty

Carrying case

Various packages available to meet your specific needs:

With Case: Includes meter, carrying case, and additional contact pins.

Order as RDM3W/CS

RDM3/PKG: Includes the meter, 26-ES electrode, extra contact pins for the meter,

extra #496 pins for the 26-ES electrode and carrying case

RDM3 PLUS: Includes everything in the RDM3/PKG, PLUS the PC/KIT software

application program. This is the most complete package available and enables you

to download stored readings via I/R to a PC or laptop.

Delmhorst RDM3 application software programme

Enables you to download stored readings from the meter to a PC via infrared linking.

By ordering this option, you will be able to:

Export job data to Excel

Customize printing options

View readings and stats in the application program

Save and print individual or group job readings

Customize job title

View data in Fahrenheit or Celsius

Append notes to each job

Generate graphical histogram

All these features are provided in an easy to use,

GUI interface,and are compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.



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