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For Electromagnetic Hand Held & In-line Moisture Meters.

wagner electronics for handheld & inline moisture meters
wagner electronics for handheld & inline moisture meters

Wagner Hand-Held Moisture Meters use an advanced electro-magnetic wave technology. This proven technology allows the user to quickly and accurately measure the moisture content of wood without the time consuming effort of driving pins into the wood.

MMI 1100 Digital Proline

This pocket sized digital moisture meter is capable of storing up to 50 moisture readings for review and can find the minimum maximum and average moisture contents. It can measure the moisture content of rough or finish grade wood and is best suited to wood from .75" to 1.5". thick. The MMI 1100 allows the user to program the correct species eliminating the need to look at species correction tables after taking the measurements. An extended range of species settings for even very dense wood species are supplied.

Model L601-3

The L601-3 features an analog display and with it's large scanning area boards can be scanned from end to end in seconds. The L601-3 features an automatic shut-off for long battery life and is virtually unaffected by wood temperature. Adjustment tables for more than a hundred of the most used hardwood, softwood, and imported species are included with the L601-3.


Scanning Area: 2.5" x 2.5"

Scanning Depth: 1"

Weight: 16oz

Power: 4AA batteries

Model L722

The Model L722 Stack-Probing Sensor coupled with the L622 Digital Recording Moisture Meter makes it easy to reach deep into stickered units of lumber and take accurate moisture readings. It is possible to take multiple readings throughout an entire stack in just minutes.

Wagner's Info-Pak Plus Software Package

This software package is a database management system developed by Wagner specifically for tracking moisture in timber. This software is Windows NT based and can be interfaced with Microsoft office.

Info-Pak Plus allows the user to specify boards according to their source (vendor, kiln etc) and material (species, dimensions). It can also group boards together into runs, units (lumber) and loads (kiln charges). The user can log the position of the boards within the kiln stack and hence Info-Pak can act as an excellent kiln diagnostic tool.




MMC220 Digital Proline

Instantly and accurately measures moisture content of rough to finish grade wood.  Highly flexible, measures from 5%-32% moisture content, scans from .75" to 1.5" depth and offers press/hold feature.  Allows user to select species settings for common softwoods and hardwoods as well as tropical species, eliminating the need to refer to correction tables after taking readings.  Virtually unaffected by temperature or surface moisture. Used by wood flooring manufacturers and installers, furniture and cabinet makers, lumber suppliers, contractors,  builders, inspectors, architects and engineers.

Model L622

The L622 is an advance on the L620 with increased storage and data processing functions.  This moisture meter interfaces with a computer (through an RS-232 serial interface) for more advanced analysis and storage. The L622 can take up to 5000 readings in 200 easily organized groups for comparisons of average MC, standard deviation and minimum and maximum MC's. It also interfaces with the L722 stack probing sensor. The L622 comes with the Stat-Pak software package that simplifies data processing and storage on your PC.  The L622 supersedes the L612 meter with improved measurement accuracy in the 15%+ moisture content range.


Model L620

The L620 is a digital version of the L601-3 featuring a 2 line 32 character LCD display.  It allows the user to store up to 500 individual moisture readings and customize the 32 factory supplied species to allow for changes in regional calibration.  Moisture readings can be stored in up to 5 different groups for comparison of average moisture content, standard deviation, and min / max moisture contents.  The L620 comes standard with a Calibration Verification Block (CVB), to allow you to check factory calibration.  The L620 supersedes the L610 meter with improved measurement accuracy in the 15%+ moisture content range.

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