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RENS In-line Full Log Or Wood Waste Metal Detection Systems

Rens inline full log or wood waste metal detection systems

For over 70 years, RENS® Metal Detectors have been manufacturing the most dependable and accurate metal detectors on the market.


RENS® high powered metal detector system offers efficient and cost effective tramp metal detection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Detection of stray metal helps prevent costly downtime and damage to expensive machinery further down the production line.


Whole log, cant, belt and vibrating conveyor systems are available, along with portable units.

Control units can be the standard L245 or the high powered LS345 model shown here. The control unit model is determined by the size and type of search coil specified for the application.

 The LS345 has multiple detection sensitivity settings to ignore smaller metallic items

A20 Search Coil - for detecting a 1" (25.4mm) steel ball up to 19" (482.6mm) from the search coil face.

A30 Search Coil - designed for scanning for tramp metal.

A40 - 50 Search Coil - high powered square or rectangular coil.

RADAX A60 - Hexagon coil designed to detect small pieces of metal at random orientations

Custom made fibreglass section bolts directly to conveyor which provides a metal free zone for optimum detection.