International System Integrators


We Provide

Manual or automatically controlled Debarker automation for continuous log feed to the plant.

Interfaces including wireless control from the Log Loader and in-line safety interlocks can be incorporated into the system which can be controlled by a local PLC or remotely from the Primary breakdown operator control system.


Many of our systems are interfaced with light curtain X/Y or 3D Scanning to provide the mill with accurate information about log input production. Having good information about production is essential to every modern sawmill or Log Merchandizer.

Our scanning systems utilize high speed Ethernet communications to continuously update and profile logs as they enter the mill.

We can also define log sort or destination and reject by diameter sweep or profile defect.


A comprehensive user-friendly database is provided which includes information such as diameter; sweep; bow; SED (Small End Diameter), LED (Large End Diameter) and length, along with Production Information Reports such as Volume, Shift, Downtime etc.


Some systems also include interface into Sonic testers such as Hitman, Agrader and Caliber for density information about the log.